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Top Golf Fundraiser

Tickets on sale now for our Topgolf Fundraiser on April 2nd from 1:00-3:00 PM, $60 per ticket includes light lunch and two hours of unlimited gameplay.

Sunday, April 2, 2022· 1:00- 3:00 PM

Top Golf Baton Rouge

10955 N. Mall Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Over the past two years, the Autism Society Louisiana has worked tirelessly to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully. A few of our major impacts include:

  • Distributing 2,000 units of PPG (Personal Protection Gear) obtained by National to community caregivers in The Baton Rouge, Acadiana and Southwest areas of the state during the pandemic.
  • Utilized our information and referral program to distribute targeted resources on community needs online, and provided individualized assistance to over 100 individuals through our information and referral program.
  • Distributing $300 through National’s Disaster Relief fund in 2020 to a family in the Acadiana affiliate.
  • Organizing and hosting multiple online learning opportunities for families and individuals on state services, and Autism 101 information.
  • Coordination of training of Sheriff’s Officers and First Responders across the state beginning in November, 2020 through 2022, as well as Community Safety presentations for parents and caregivers through Dustin Chandler of the Interaction Advisory Group. IAG trained a total of 903 First Responders and approximately 100 parents, caregivers and community stakeholders as part of the community safety trainings. Self-advocates participated as part of these trainings.

We are excited to announce our First Annual Top Golf Fundraiser on April 2, 2023, which will be held at the Top Golf location in Baton Rouge, LA.! We are seeking businesses and individuals who are interested in making a positive impact in the lives of Autistic individuals and their families to sponsor this event.

Sponsorship packages are very affordable and range from $250 - $4,000. Most sponsors get their name or logo on signage at the event, and their logo on our website, with additional promotional opportunities available depending on sponsor level. If you are interested in being a sponsor for the event, please fill out the form linked below and mail it to us with a check to Autism Society Louisiana State Chapter at P.O. Box 14567, Baton Rouge, LA 70809.

We are looking forward to having a fun afternoon of family golfing fun, and thank you in advance for your support of the Autism Society Louisiana State Chapter! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Support the Autism Society of Louisiana by purchasing our specialty license plate.

Support our mission to create connections in Louisiana by purchasing a specialty license plate from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. ASLA will get $50 for every license plate purchased or renewed. Click the button below to buy your plate now!

FAQs on  Buying Autism Society License Plates

How does a person who reserved a plate number go about obtaining that plate?


How does a person go about obtaining a specialty plate who has not reserved a plate number?

Customers who did not reserve a plate can apply by visiting the Specialized Vehicle Unit located at 7979 Independence Blvd. Baton Rouge La 70806. Out of town customers may also apply for the plate online at and mail the application and fees into PO Box 64886 Baton Rouge La 70896.

They may also contact their local office to verify if that office has the plate in stock, and schedule an appointment online at for the plate issuance.

How much will a specialty license plate cost?

The Autism plate has the below fees associated.

$50.00 royalty – in addition to regular registration fees, due at initial issuance and all subsequent renewals.

$8.00 – handling fee due on all transactions except renewals.

$3.50 – administrative handling fee due only on initial issuance.

$3.00 – transfer the plate to another vehicle in the applicant’s name.

What if a person has just renewed the registration for their license plate?

Credit is automatically calculated for any time remaining on their current plate. Each plate cost will be different, as it is based on the specific vehicle. There is no credit applied for the $50.00 royalty and handling fees, so at a minimum a customer applying for first time issuance of the plate will pay $61.50 (50.00 royalty, 8.00 handling, 3.50 one time admin fee).

How much money will the Louisiana State Chapter affiliate receive from the sale of each specialty license plate and how will that be distributed by OMV?

Royalty checks are mailed out quarterly by the OMV finance department. The Autism Society Louisiana chapter will receive $50.00 from each plate sold/renewed within that quarter.

Directions for navigating OMV website to view and purchase the specialty plate:

Go to website www.expresslaneorg

Top bar: click on Vehicles

Dropdown menu: Click on Specialized and Personalized License Plates

Top bar: Click on Special Plates This page will have information on what is needed to purchase a plate.

To view the plate, click on: Special Plates Viewer

Dropdown menu: Scroll down to Organization/Service

Under that you will see Autism Society. Click on that to view plate.*If you have difficulty navigating the OMV website, please call: Lauren Debetaz at OMV (225) 922-0974 to ask to have someone in the office assist you with the process.

Contribute to our cause.

Autism Society Louisiana State Chapter, Inc. is a nonprofit wholly dedicated to creating connections, empowering all in the Autism community to live fully. Help us make a difference and make a donation today. To learn about different ways you can help us, get in touch with us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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